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Mercedes world meeting with a cheeky walk around !

As this business slowly grows, the YT content will change slightly and become more about the general runnings of a busy detailing shop, the wins, the losses, the highs and lows! Many saw me hit a monster low as cancer came to really disrupt my life not to mention business, and now i'm on the other side, business is doing great but that itself comes with its own dramas....Gtechniq summit was a gathering for all detailers and the official gtechniq network ( which we are the birmingham region ) Sales wise we are one of the top sellers for the midlands and our reputation of excellence continues to be built on with respect for our customers, passion, and unrivalled customer service! As we move forward into new revenue streams this year which will see the business grow X2 externally as we hit the B2B market, we need to make sure we are aligned with our partners and of course with the right people. We are very proudly gtechniq accredited for central birmingham, the official suntek PPF centre for the midlands, and the invisiframe Bike XPEL ppf centre for birmingham. god willing, health intact 2023 will be a big year for us! enjoy the video and the cars while in the back ground we are having some pretty serious talks about growth and where we go next! Team T.W. Thanks for being here!

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