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My name is Byron Walker, and I proudly introduce you to Top Wrapz ltd. Top wrapz represents a dream of mine since I was a child, to work with my all time love and passion, the automobile. I have grown up loving all things cars and have had the honour to love this sector for as long as I can remember.


My father was an apprentice mechanic for a well know vintage racing team during my infant years and this is where my passion started. Surrounded by cars all my life, the passion grew into true love. I started attending the local race track and submerged myself into the scene, as the years passed (and a large chunk of this story), I passed my driving test and begun working my way through all the cars i'd dreamed of. Eventually I started competing in sprint classes and still do to this day, although a lot less than i'd like! With the upsurge in vinyl wrapping, top level detailing, and PPF films I decided this was my entry into the automotive sector! So here it is, my dream!


With a genuine love and passion to give to my customers, offer the very best in work, the very best customer service, and somewhere you can leave your pride and joy KNOWING its being treated like my very own vehicle. I've painstakingly gone through some of the best training courses with the industry leaders in their respective fields, to actually achieving IMI recognised qualifications, to researching and acquiring the best tooling possible. I can absolutely promise, no one cares like I do, with an obsessive level of attention to the detail I aim to be the best, and grow a reputation of excellence! Whatever the customer needs, I will proudly deliver. Thank-you for choosing Top Wrapz Ltd, I am excited to work with you. 



We here at Top Wrapz Ltd are really proud of our work-space. We've created a space that's super clean, very organised and somewhere you will be confident in us and what we do. With public liability and combined business insurance for our work shop we are comprehensively covered incase of the rare mishaps that can happen.

The work-space measures 1200 Sq Ft and is perfect for detailing and vinyl/ppf wrap work. Our compact but efficient work-space keeps our overheads low enabling us to keep our prices more competitive than our rivals. We are proud that ALL staff working within the business are enhanced DBS checked ensuring only the right people are touching your pride and joy. We have a dedicated graphics area, with a top of the range FC9000 series ultra wide Graphtec plotter, so we can produce and apply the smallest decals or up to commercial sized text and graphics or paint protection film.


The tooling for all our services are the very best from the professional grade Steinel heat guns to the world class Rupes paint work polishers. The work-space is heated via an oil fired heating system ensuring the temperature even in the dead of winter is always perfect for the services we offer. 


The pride of the workshop is the dedicated vehicle lift with custom made super low angle ramps to simulate a flush to the floor ramp for even the lowest of vehicles to be able to mount the lift safely, we have even invested in specific rubber lifting pads to ensure the vehicles are lifted in the safest way for the vehicle. This ramp gives us the ability to work more efficiently, safer and to a much higher quality due to improved visibility and less bending during work, much better than shops that use jack stands and floor jacks. A proper vehicle lift is a must have feature of any detailing studio you choose in our opinion. 

The studio features 10 state of the art 2400 lumen flood lights so we can see absolutely everything we are trying to tackle, not to mention our scan-grip bodywork lighting to help us correct paint to the best standards possible to meet the customers requirements. As Birmingham centrals Gtechniq Accredited detailers we pride ourselves on providing the best possible and our glowing 5 star reputation across the board accurately represents our achievements.


Mount street business park is gated via an electronic 24/7 monitored system with CCTV that is manned always. Our studio has its own alert system yale alarm system linked directly to employee phones and the local police.

The site is conveniently located within 4 mins from junction 6 off the M6 motorway, and less than 2 mins from star city cinema complex. We look forward to welcoming you to Top Wrapz HQ. 

Our Studio


We offer finance through PaymentAssist


​The Top Wrapz Payment Assist scheme is designed to allow you to spread your final invoice over 4 months at 0%.


Our Payment Assist scheme alleviates the stress of this financial burden by spreading the cost of the work over four payments which means that your car has all the  work completed that you desire. That desperate paint work renovation detail you've always wanted but cant quite stretch to the full bill in one go? Just outlayed on a new car and want it protected and would like to spread the costs of our world leading #GTECHNIQ ceramics? Whatever the service, this option is available and takes the sting out the bill. 

How do the payments work?​

You pay a deposit of 25% of the total amount of your bill via your debit card on the day, followed by three more equal monthly payments – that’s it! (For Example, if your final bill is £600.00, on the day of the finance setup , you will pay £150.00, followed by 3 consecutive monthly payments of £150.00)​

Is there a minimum order value to qualify for Payment Assist?​

Payment Assist can only be offered for bills over £400.00 It is a method of payment that is only offered if a customer cannot pay by another method. 

If you require to borrow over £1000 from payment assist, a mandatory credit check will be carried out.

For more information on our Payment Assist scheme, please call and we'll walk you through the process. Full Terms and Conditions are listed below. 

**We do charge a small labour charge of £45.00 to put together the relevant documents and submitting.​

Payment Assist Ltd Terms and Conditions for Payment Agreement on all transactions

The Agreement shall be between Payment Assist Ltd, (Registered and Correspondence Address: Unit 5A, Digby Drive,Melton Mowbray, Leicester LE13 0RQ - and the Customer named on the recurring transaction authority.

The words below have the following meaning in this Agreement

  • “Act” is the Consumer Credit Act 1974

  • “Amount of credit” is the amount of invoice shown on the recurring transaction authority overleaf

  • “you”/”your” means the borrower

  • “we”/”us”/”our” means Payment Assist Ltd, its successors and assigns

Unless otherwise agreed, all communications and documentation in relation to this Agreement will be in English

Collection of repayments
The repayment of the facility will be made from recurring monthly debits from your debit card as set out in the recurring transaction authority. A signed recurring transaction authority is required to be completed to allow this facility to be put in place.

Your costs for obtaining the facility
The facility is set up as an interest free facility. There are no charges for obtaining this facility or interest costs for the term of the facility provided the repayments are made in line with the recurring transaction authority. The Total amount payable is equal to the Amount of credit, with no Charge for credit. 

Late payment charges
Charges will be payable on each occurence of one or more of the following events:

  • Returned/recalled or declined payment; £10

  • Letters sent to you as a result of a breach of your credit agreement; £15

  • Telephone call in respect of late payment; £10

  • Issue of default notice; £20

  • Transfer of your account from Collections to Debt Recovery; £25

  • We may also charge our reasonable legal costs and disbursements for enforcing any term of the agreement

  • You must pay us on demand the amount of any reasonable expenses or cost incurred as a result of any misleading or inaccurate information given in connection with the agreement

These charges will be incorporated into the debt owed and will be debited from the debit card provided in the recurring transaction authority.

Your right to withdraw
If you wish to withdraw from this Agreement you can do so, please notify us in writing to Payment Assist Ltd, Unit 5A, Digby Drive, Melton Mowbray, Leicester LE13 0RQ or over the phone on 01664 503151.

You must repay the amount you owe us either by cheque or by debit card. The amount you owe us will be the balance of the facility, with no interest charged. If you do not repay the amount you owe us within 30 calendar days from the date you notified us of your intention to withdraw, we will recover it as a debt through the courts.

We may assign and transfer this agreement or all or any part of its rights hereunder to any person, firm or corporation without limitation, and this agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their successors, representatives and assigns forever. Payment Assist Ltd expressly prohibits the assigning of the rights under the agreement by the borrower.

Your right to request a statement
Should you require a paper statement, please request this in writing to Payment Assist Ltd, Unit 5A, Digby Drive, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 0RQ.

Partial Early Repayment or Full Early Settlement
Should you wish to repay part or all of the facility early, please send the request in writing to Payment Assist Ltd, Unit 5A, Digby Drive,
Melton Mowbray, Leicester LE13 0RQ or by calling us on 01664 503151.

As there is no interest charged to the facility, the balance will reduce by the amount of the repayment .

Our right to demand earlier payment
We may demand immediate and full repayment of your facility if:

  • The information provided when you applied for the facility was false or incorrect

  • You are more than 14 days overdue with any amount you owe us 

  • If you become bankrupt

  • If you become insolvent

If you fall behind with your repayments we may pass information about the amount you owe to a credit reference agency. Credit reference agencies record this information and companies may use it to assess any future loan/credit applications you might make. This may affect your ability to get credit.

Missing or underpayment
The consequences of not making your agreed payments are that the account will be in default and

  • We may register your details with credit reference agencies

  • You may find it difficult to obtain credit in the future

  • Legal proceedings may be taken against you

If you are having any difficulties in making payments under your Agreement please contact us.

Change of Address
You will notify us in writing within 7 days of any change in your address

If you wish to make a complaint please write to Complaints Department, Payment Assist Ltd, Unit 5A, Digby Drive, Melton Mowbray, Leicester LE13 0RQ

Unless we agree otherwise, the Law of the residence of the borrower will apply

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