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My name is Byron Walker, and I proudly introduce you to Top Wrapz ltd. Top wrapz represents a dream of mine since I was a child to work with my all time love and passion, the automobile. I have grown up loving all things cars and have had the honour to love this sector for as long as I can remember. My father was an apprentice mechanic for a well know vintage racing team during my infant years and this is where my passion started. Surrounded by cars all my life, the passion grew into true love. I started attending the local race track and submerged myself into the scene, as the years past (and a large chunk of this story), I passed my driving test and begun working my way through all the cars i'd dreamed of. Eventually I started competing in sprint classes and still do to this day, although a lot less than i'd like! With the upsurge in vinyl wrapping, top level detailing, and PPF films I decided this was my entry into the automotive sector! So here it is, my dream! With a genuine love and passion to give to my customers, offer the very best in work, the very best customer service , and somewhere you can leave your pride and joy KNOWING its being treated like my very own vehicle. I've painsakingly gone through some of the best training courses with the industry leaders in their respective fields, to actually achieving IMI recognised qualifications, to researching and acquiring the best tooling possible. I can absolutely promise, no one cares like I do, with an obsessive level of attention to the detail I aim to be the best, and grow a reputation of excellence! Whatever the customer needs, I will proudly deliver. Thank-you for choosing Top Wrapz ltd, I am excited to work with you. 

Top Wrapz Ltd

Gloss Black Mirror Wrap In Progress on this Golf GTI
Detailed bmw z4M
Concours winning bmw z4m using top wrapz detailing packages
Detailing an aston martin