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Welcome to Top Wrapz Ltd proudly awarded vehicle wrapping company of the year 23-24 for our Paint Protection Film & Vinyl wrapping install services.

The ultimate in vehicle paint protection offering incredible durability for your pride and joy. Here at Top Wrapz Ltd we are proud to be trained and certificated to install Industry leading  Paint protection Film installation (PPF), to ensure the highest standards perfectly in-line with the manufacturers recommendations. We are very proudly the official Birmingham central suntek paint protection film centre. 

To prepare the paintwork we will complete a full (optional) detail with paint correction work to the areas being wrapped in paint protection film ***, so the film is locking in PERFECT paintwork. The paint protection film  (PPF) will be taking all of the wear and tear your paintwork would normally have to endure. Steam is used to conform the film to achieve a seamless finish that will protect your Pride and joy for many years, not only maintaining the perfect paint condition but also preserving your investment and avoiding costly stone chip repairs and abrasion damages. 

The durability of the paint protection film has to be seen to be believed with most light abrasion damage easily removed with hot water, If the film becomes irreparably damaged with a larger impact it is still significantly cheaper to replace the PPF film than having a panel repaint! We can offer a range of packages from a complete car cover to a wear and tear package to protect the "high" impact areas such as the mirrors, headlights, front bumper, front section of the bonnet / hood / roof , entries to load areas and high traffic sections such as the sills etc.

We have onsite industry leading digital graphtec plotters where we select your vehicle from our digital data base and cut the PPF section you require on our machines then apply the perfect templates to your vehicle in our workshop.


Contact Us now for a quote for your vehicle, no matter how big or small we can accommodate! We are one of the most cost effective and highest quality paint protection film installers in the Birmingham area and surrounding Midlands!


* Excellent hydrophobic qualities

* Self healing at ambient temps

* Ultra clear gloss finish or Matte finish

* Chipping resistant

* Abrasion resistant 

* Seamless invisible installation

* Excellent conformability 

* Durability with 10 year warranty **

* Self cleaning 

Windscreen protection film - Birmimgham


DYNOflex is an Exterior Windshield Protection film designed to significantly reduce the risk of replacing expensive windshields, especially those with Advanced Driving Assistance Systems cameras and sensor (ADAS) or windscreens that are no longer available, extremely valuable, difficult to replace or simply the owner that values the original windscreen and its all important factory seal ( this ones us ). With an incredibly strong TPU based plastic, rocks are able to bounce off of your windshield instead of crack or chip into the glass, saving you from the hassle of replacement and the diminishing resale value from cutting out the factories original (OEM) seal. Clear protection for the ultimate peace of mind. To see the windscreen protection install process in full click here. 

DYNOflex Features


  • Rock Chip Resistant

  • Crack Free Shock Absorption

  • 99% UV rejection

  • 8 mil thick

  • Shrink-free Installation, TPU based plastic


Top Wrapz Ltd are proudly Birmingham central official installers of invisiframe paint protection film kits for bicycles. With road / mountain bikes often costing large amounts and manufactured from exotic materials, its essential to protect those delicate frames/paint finishes and keep your new bike in perfect condition for many years to come. We are huge MTB fans here at topwrapz and have the best bike related equipment available. With our years of experience in the automotive sector , not to mention our multitude of awards wins. Between top wrapz and invisiframe,  its safe to say we have your bicycle covered!

PPF is PERFECT for your motor-bike also, there are many areas to protect on your motorcycle, namely the high traffic/impact areas such as the gas tank, front, side and rear fairings to keep your pride and joy looking amazing for the long term. 

"As a keen Trail rider, my specialised stumper jumper carbon frame bike has been covered from brand new. It's now 2 years old and has been through 1500 miles of some of the roughest trails out there - rock strikes, log strikes, pedal strikes and the frame paintwork has been perfectly maintained. This was without doubt one of the best things i have done for my very expensive bike and moving forward every single new bike i own will be lovingly covered in PPF film"

    Our ever popular maintenance wash is perfect for maintaining and protecting already detailed paintwork, leaving it looking and feeling like it did the last time it was detailed with us. ​ *Snow foam pre wash *2 bucket method safe wash with PH neutral shampoo *Wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner, then dressed *Top gloss drying aid applied *Vehicle dried using high quality towel / Filtered high power air dryers (where applicable) *Basic vacuum , litter removal , dash cleaned with interior specific APC. *optional Gtechniq Ceramic coating top-up for our previous coating customers +£20.00 ​ ​ Price £45 +VAT Without Coating top up OR £65 +VAT With coating top up (size dependent) Duration - 1.25 Hours
    This package is for NEW vehicles only New vehicle paintworks are RARELY imperfection free and in many cases is not satisfactory for a new vehicle. We see and correct this on a weekly basis with dealerships offering poorly prepped vehicles or vehicles that are coated with defects left in the paintwork locking in a substandard finish ( usually from a lack of knowledge, skill or poor general prep standards or worse, all three). This package is the ultimate new car detail and protection with a nice discount built into the bundle to sweeten the deal and offer FULL surface protection with top tier industry leading products. **We are a multi award winning company with some serious accolades to our name ( not to mention properly IMI Qualified Master level detailers) , rest assured your car will be protected BY the best WITH the best products in the world, we are extremely proud to be the official Gtechniq accredited centre for central birmingham , this status means our ceramic coatings are properly guaranteed. With over 300 combined 5 star reviews across our platforms we are one of the highest rated for our services in the UK** ​ (PH neutral products ONLY ) ​*Vehicle snow foamed to allow debris to fallout *Comprehensive Wash 2 bucket method, With Pre rinse *Post rinse after wash *4 stage paint work decontamination process where necessary. *Vehicle dried with specific high quality drying towel *Wheel arches cleaned & gently pressure washed *Wheels left to bleed in pH neutral Iron removal solution, then cleaned and detailed with wheel specific detail brush set. *Panel wiped down with isopropyl alcohol / panel wipe removing any traces of grease, oil ect. *Single stage paint correction to boost gloss and remove light scratches and surface imperfections / defects. *Gtechniq crystal serum light BLACK ( crystal serum light + Exo Version 5 Hydrophobic top layer ) 5 year guaranteed coating with warranty card. *Wheel faces coated in Gtechniq wheel armour + Exo version 5 top coat and tyres dressed. *Exterior Glass prepped & coated in Gtechniq G1 - ( sun / panoramic roofs not included) *Interior protected with Gtechniq fabric guard or leather guard + Dash coated with gtechniq matte dash ( all products anti-bacterial and abrasion resistant ) *Gtechniq essential maintenance kit with carry-case *Final inspection and hand over to customer *Completion time 9-13 hrs (1-2 day booking) ​ Pricing Small - £695 Medium - £795 Large - £895 XL/4x4 - £995 *(All prices are subject to VAT) Additional extras *Gtechniq crystal serum ULTRA BLACK - 9 Year fully guaranteed coating ( ideal for vehicles intended to be kept for longer or for the owner that simply desires the best) + £125 *Wheels off and the inner barrel prepared and coated as well as the rim face + £125 *Glass or Panoramic roof coated in Gtechniq G1 + £50-£75 ( size dependant ) *Convertible top fabric sealant protection + £100 *Add any paint protection film ( PPF) package to the new car detail at a discount of 10% from the advertised PPF prices - Click here *(All prices are subject to VAT) See the full process below!
    This package is usually for very loved, cherished vehicles with excellent paintwork in general, nearly new or new cars, The owners that would tend to use this package are cars usually under 1 year old or cherished weekend vehicles/very highly maintained otherwise. ​ (PH neutral products ONLY in all packages) ​ *Vehicle snow foamed to allow debris to fallout *Comprehensive Wash 2 bucket method, With Pre rinse *Post rinse after wash *4 Stage complete decontamination BEFORE clay process *Clay bar (Soft) exterior bodywork to remove imbedded contaminants , repeat as and where needed. *Vehicle dried with specific high quality towel *Wheel arches fully cleaned and gently pressure washed *Wheels left to bleed in pH neutral Iron removal solution, then cleaned and detailed with wheel specific detail brush set. *Interior litter removed & vacuumed . *Paint depth readings taken *Complete single stage paint correction *Bodywork thoroughly inspected under inspection grade lighting during complete paint correction process. *Panel wiped down with isopropyl alcohol / panel wipe removing any traces of grease, oil before wax coat. * ( optional ceramic coat for 1-9 years durability please see Gtechniq page ) *Exterior plastics prepped, cleaned and dressed *Exterior glass cleaned *Tyres cleaned, prepped and dressed *Final inspection and hand over to customer *Completion time 13-19hrs (1-2day booking) ​ Pricing Small - £325 Medium - £415 Large - £480 XL/4x4 - £580 *(All prices are subject to VAT)
    *moderate defects / moderate swirling / moderate scratching and marring* Generally the cars that fall into this category in our experience tend to be 2-5 years old, Moderate levels of swirling, general marring , etchings and light scratches. This package will also correct moderate levels of paint holograms. ​ As stage1 Plus ; ​ *Multiple stages of paint depth readings taken during correction stages. *2 stage enhancement correction *Wheels hand/nano machine polished and sealed with wheel specific wax sealant. *Exterior glass polished *Interior glass prepared and cleaned *Undersills degreased and very carefully pressure washed. *Optional ceramic coat for 1-9 years durability ( Please see Gtechniq page) *Final inspection and hand over to customer *Completion time 25-35hrs (2-3day booking) ​ Pricing Small - £445 Medium - £520 Large - £600 XL/4x4 - £710 *(All prices are subject to VAT)
    Generally owners would choose this package for cars with paintwork thats been unloved, scratches , dull paint, major defect level and/or paint oxidisation. This package will also correct heavy paint holograms. ​ As stage 1 and 2 plus; ​ *Vehicle blow dried *3 stage FULL paint correction *Clay bar door shuts *Paint leveling process to remove in-depth scratches ( if required further concentration on bad areas) *Swissvax shield teflon wax (optional ceramic coat for 1-9 years durability - please see Gtechniq page ) *Stainless steel /chrome cleaned and polished by hand/nano machine *Final inspection and handover to customer. *Completion time (minimum 4 day booking) *We should be able to achieve a minimum of 85% paint correction leaving truly stunning results with this package. ​ Pricing Small - £660 Medium - £780 Large - £935 XL/4x4 -£1010 *(All prices are subject to VAT)
    The ultimate, The creme de la crème, The Best! ​ The ultimate detailing solution offered by us. Every single bolt on extra possible from our add-on list and more! From our #Gtechniq Crystal Serum ULTRA BLACK 9 year *certified detailer only* paint coatings to the complete interior detail, engine bay with component specific polishing work , quartz wheel coatings inside and out, wheel arch liners, suspension components, soft-top fabric detail, 4 stage paint correction, the works. Nothing will be untouched. EVERY single Gtechniq coating available will be applied to every inch of the vehicle. A true vehicle renovating detail package of the highest standards. This package is for the true enthusiast who simply adores their pride and joy. This package with its 4 stage paint correction ( 95% correction target) will leave the paint quite simply looking like crystal clear glass and the owner astonished by the incredible results. The vehicle will return restored in a way only a master detailer can achieve and worthy of concours levels of finish. ​ The black diamond detail leaves no stone un-turned with an incredible 60+ hours of work going into the vehicle, including areas of the vehicle the other detailing packages simply cant cover. Each process will be repeated until it reaches the standard of the black diamond detail. We simply cant list the amount of work that goes into this package. For a full process spec sheet please contact us. *50% booking fee required* Completion time - (10-14 day booking) ​ ​ Price - POA *(All prices are subject to VAT)


**Pricing is approximate and will vary for each vehicle based on size, complexity and other factors**

** 10 year warranty against yellowing or cracking 

*** Paint correction to PPF areas is subject to additional charges.


No problem. We've partnered with PaymentAssist to help spread the cost of our services. Find out more...

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