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The average carpark/supermarket /shopping centre valet is our arch nemesis, they use crude techniques and cheap harsh acid products that damage your paint/trim and overtime create huge and sometimes irreversible damage.


Our valet packages are born from the best IMI recognised detailing techniques using PH neutral products. The safest and most loving way to give your car a bath, our valet packages are very reasonably priced and will net fantastic cleaning results.


WINTER is coming! This is the harshest season for our cars. The road salt, road traffic film and general muck cause havoc for any paint finish. Luckily we have numerous super cost effective *protection* packages that are designed to protect your paintwork, keep the car looking amazing and much easier to clean as we move into the winter periods! We are using the BEST ph neutral products teamed with our extensive "IMI recognised" detailing knowledge to offer fantastic results. A great entry into the detailing world without the costs of the paint correction procedures offered by our class leading detailing packages.

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*Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose dirt / contamination *Washed with PH neutral shampoo using 2 bucket method *Vehicle gently pressure rinsed to remove shampoo *Wheels cleaned with alloy wheel cleaner *Dried using vehicle Towel *Glass cleaned *Completion time 20-40mins ​Pricing; Small - £20 Medium - £25 Large - £30 XL / 4x4 - £35


Stage 1 plus *Vehicle applied with Snow foam and left for 5 mins for fallout to remove * Exterior Glass cleaned *Interior Nucks and crannies dusted *Vehicle vacuumed *Door shuts cleaned *Litter removed and disposed of *Final Inspection *Completion Time 1hr-1.30 Pricing Small - £35 Medium - £45 Large - £55 XL/4x4 - £65


Stage 1 and 2 plus *Panel gaps and badges cleaned *Wheel arches and underside/sills carefully pressure washed. *Interior vacuumed *Interior vents blown out with tornador *Interior glass cleaned *3month Super sonic Si02 Nano based Paint coating (optional machine wax & polish +£75) *Paint sealant applied *Tyres cleaned, dressed and sealed. *Completion Time - 3-5 hr Pricing Small - £75 Medium - £85 Large - £95 XL/4x4 - £115


Full 5 stage Decontaminated + Safe Wash (2 bucket method with gaurds) Interior Vacuumed, dusted + light detail shuts steamed and wiped down with microfibre Single stage Machine wax application using a triple product that will give a slight cut, glaze and lay down a t1 grade carnauba Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal 6+ month paint sealant coating Or upgrade to Gtechniq EXO Ceramic for the ultimate protection for an incredible £125.00. Cost: From - £365 Duration: 5.5 hours+

Please see the detailing page add-on list as they can be specified on any valeting package also

(apart from detailing specific services)

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