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Put simply detailing is the ART of perfecting paintwork to be its BEST. Here at Top Wrapz Ltd , we are #Birminghams master level #detailers. We start using simply the best multi-stage wash techniques to lay the foundation for us to follow a set process to get to paint work Perfection. Moving through several layers of decontamination stages to strip the paintwork work of road tar, tree sap, metal debris , road traffic film, dust and general contamination. The paint is then lovingly prepped before moving onto the staged labour intensive paint correction renovation work to remove swirls and paint damage leaving a mirror glass effect that even a new paint job cant match. We are here to finesse the paint and refine it to perfection. The final jeweling stages will leave you nothing short of amazed at the smooth glossy chrome like reflection from your paintwork which we then LOCK in using your choice of sealants from high end waxes to *optional ceramic coatings offering unparalleled levels of protection. The current condition of your paintwork will point you to the level of correction you need. Very good/excellent paint condition goes with the TWD-1, average/moderate defects will require TWD-2, heavy defect/oxidation paint work needing the TWD-3 with its 3 stage correction process. Whatever your needs, we will blow your mind with our level of attention to detail and customer service to match. 

Top Wrapz uses the very best techniques , tooling and products to achieve truly stunning results for all our work. We proudly hold a qualification in "master" level detailing and are one of very few #Gtechniq & #Kamikaze collection certified detailers, We are multi award winning and crowned #Birmingham #Detailer of the year 2019.


**DID YOU KNOW...  Top Wrapz ltd has proudly won concours awards with our detailing packages**



New cars are the BEST to perfect and protect, and trust us, they are still full of defects that we can remove. The dealers use poor washing techniques often damaging the new soft paint from the show-room, they simply don't care. Our new car detail will refine that new paint to levels even a body shop cant reach and then we will lock it in with a sealant for you to maintain. For the ultimate protection, a ceramic coating for up to 5 years guaranteed protection from even the most harsh substances. Once this has been applied, that paint will be highly swirl resistant, no longer susceptible to bird line markings or clear coat etchings, hydrophobic , resistant to the winter grime, and at least 70% easier to clean as the dirt simply cant stick. This is a must to protect your investment. 

**Please be aware a 25% non-refundable deposit is required for any of our detailing packages due to being pre-booked**


Our additional services can be added to any of the packages listed.



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