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This vehicle came in for a winter detail; package with a bolt on addition of a full interior detail with wet extraction. For soiled fabrics We follow a set procedure to agitiate and loosen the grime gently with an interior specific APC and detailing brushes, we then use our wet extraction machines with a upholstery specific shampoo with ever so slightly warm water to suck out the grime...This particular seat was then coated with Gtechniq smart fabric to not only make them water-proof but its also got anti-bacterial qualities Protecting them from this level of soiling happening again. The process takes time, patience and elbow grease but the results are literally.... mind-blowing!! This process Costs just £55.00 ( **smart fabric is additional please specify time of booking** )

How it arrived!!

What we removed!!

How it looked after the process!! Incredible right??



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