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A true honour to be nominated for inspiration of the year 2022!!!

This one left me speechless , I'm proud just to reach the preliminary stages of the @mbcc_awards , this is a win in my eyes , even if I don't get the final win. Over the past 14 Months I very publicly battled the darkest moments of my life. I literally pulled myself off the floor to work all year through chemo , operations , and some of the hidden onslaught was brutal . I'm a lone parent and my 10 year old son was watching me and that was all I needed to get the hell up and try . I failed often but I never failed to try. To be recognised as an inspirational feels huge and something I'll look back as part of this journey with real pride. Despite all the suffering some of the most beautiful moments have come from the darkest of times . I appreciate everything differently and I've been able to support many others who have gone and still are going through cancer or ANYTHING and that will never stop . Thank you to my friends , family and my loyal customers.

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