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BMW 235i Single Stage Detail.

Another one complete , this time a bmw m235i. This car was a pain in the bum, SOLID clear coat that really beat us up trying to correct the heavily mar'd , swirled and buffer trailed paintwork. With our class leading TW-decontamination and blow dry to start. The paint correction work led to numerous test patches where we decided the best route was a special compound designed for this very task. The results???? The customer left shocked at his cars new dripping wet glossy paintwork, just look at it, and the pics do it no justice !! We managed at LEAST 85% correction on this car, then sealed it with #Gtechniq #cyrstal #coating This customer travelled over 2.5 hours to get to us and waited 10 hours for this work to be completed. This car was slightly customised with #borla gloss black wheels, tinted headlights and tail lights leaving a very classy , subtle machine. This owner knows a thing or two about modifications and really topped it off with a custom exhaust system that sounded nothing short of exotic. The owner is also the director of a very popular bmw group called @bmwshowcase on facebook and insta. Go check him out, he's a true petrolhead.

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