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BMW Z4 E85/E86 Headlight Protection (PPF) £45.00

Firstly, thanks for being here , i'm REALLY excited i'm able to bring this to market. After needing to replace my passenger side headlight recently after a rock strike i decided to use my experience, knowledge and of course my suntek birmingham install centre status to all our advantage. Pricing is 45.00 per kit, since ebay has cheap ppf templates available for 30 quid, i feel 45.00 is reasonable for the time, effort to produce these for our platform plus we are using TOP end stuff justifies the price point. Expect to pay a professional to install between £45-£70 .

So using the tools at Top wrapz ltd disposal i removed the headlight, scanned it and loaded the template into our industrial scale graphtec plotters. The result is a perfectly cut PPF piece that takes into account the stretch needed to get the film across this curvy light.

The Clear PPF is suntek ULTRA / Reaction film, a high end bodywork protection that we use on ALL our PPF jobs ( We install the PPF for lamborghini and bentley to name a few!) .

The Tinted PPF is a proper film DESIGNED for light protection with a tint, name hexis BLACK light . Both products are extremely durable against rock chips, UV damage to the clear coat of the lens, swirls, marring and birdlime etchings. Plus self healing under heat application such as steam or hot water . Both PPF pieces are a HIGH GLOSS and give a lovely wet waxed look.

** Installation buy a professional is advised, these are not easy to get a clean install expect this to cost between £45-£70 , this is option id choose and let them have the stress of getting these right or bring the car to us if your local enough

** Tinted version May not pass UK mot ( Friendly MOT station required :-P

** film guaranteed for 10 years against yellowing or discolouration

Buying is nice and simple, click this link

PLEASE select the ppf shipping option, we need to send these is a specific way which requires additional PPF specific packaging in the form of a postal tube to keep the ppf folded gently.

Installation instructions.

Tools Needed

Stick solution in spray bottle - 70% water/30% isopropyl alcohol mix

Slip solution in spray bottle - 1 Litre of water with 1 capful of Johnsons baby shampoo or TINT slime

Turbo squeegee or general squeegee

HOT water in a spray bottle or ideally a hand held steam machine to soften the film to allow us to stretch across the light ( £20.00 from B and M )

Micro-fibre towel

LOTS of patience , lol!

* clean the light plastics perfectly, if your lights are degrading, sand and polish back to perfect ( this kit will stop further degradation of the lens).

* using a 70% water/30% isopropyl alcohol mix in a spray bottle, completely soak the light lens with the mixed solution.

*peel the PPF template from the backing sheet , once peeled spray and SOAK ( don't be shy) the adhesive side of the template with the 70/30 mix.

*starting at the INNER section line up the kit to the edge of the light ensuring a clean fit , this part is essential, if this if off, the rest of the kit will be off.

*once lined up, spray the slip solution to the outside non adhesive side of the ppf , using a turbo squeegee ( yellow) or generic squeegee start squeeging down the INNER 5 cm , make sure where the light starts to curve you don't squeegee YET.

*from the OUTER section by the wing pick back up the film to just past the big curve and spray your SLIP solution on the inner adhesive side , and steam or hot water the middle of the film, lay it down by hand and don't squeegee yet. Start pushing the film from the middle towards the wing side, we are trying to contour and shape the film to get it around the corner. with tension on the film , don't be afraid to pick back up the film, re heat and keep trying till you get the desired stretch and lined up with the out edge of the light. It MAY appear baggy at the middle top and lower sections, this is ok if weve applied enough stretch.

*squeegee the middle and rest of the film.

*start picking up the edges where needed and spraying the STICK solution and squeegee the water out, again use the steam or hot water and slowly squeegee upto the edges, the hot water / steam will shrink the film from the earlier stretch weve placed in the film allowing it to shrink wrap the baggy sections.

*using a microfibre towel start gently drying the outside of the film and firmly push the edges down and massaging the areas the are struggling to stick.

*enjoy your perfectly installed ppf templates.

I will produce a youtube video documenting how to install so please head the youtube channel and subscribe , link

Below is the tinted version, the clear version is invisible to the naked eye and retains the stock look.

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