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Nissan Navara Paintless Damage Repair!

Last weeks case study was an interesting one .... A previously detailed vehicle came back for two damaged areas to be repaired "without" paint, the passenger side door and rear deck lid. The passenger side rear door was the worst with significant damage to the clear coat. Initially a 3 stage correction was tried with zero impact to the damages. A much more extreme approach was applied in the form of wet sanding. We wet sanded the door in two stages with different grit levels and then polished it back and manage to save the customer hundreds of pounds. After which the vehicle then received a coating top up to the sanded areas and a complete maintenance wash on the exterior with c2 v3 sealant for the exterior .

Paint Depths read in numerous areas of the vehicle to gain a rough idea on clear-coat readings to determine how much material can remove.

Paint damage from a vehicle scraping the rear door.

side on view

Wet sanding with a 2"Nano machine ( note problem area on bodywork line )

polished back over 3 stages with 3 different pad combinations and compounds

finished repair work to the door.

Rear deck lid, same process as above.

Completed repair

completed vehicle after all works finalized.

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