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Tesla Model S

Its always a pleasure to have something cool in the studio and to me this is as cool it gets.....

The vehicle itself was brand new and delivered a week ago.... the fit and finish is very high, during the process of the tinting we had to strip down the door panels , im pleased to report a really high quality level of trim. The car has an incredible amount of tech and the owner was able to talk to me from home via the car systems and actually watch what we did to his car!! VERY cool! The owner reports with its ludicrous PLUS mode this car is capable of 0-60 in sub 3 seconds.... INSANE!! Now onto the juicy bits!! we completed

Winter protection detail + optional #gtechniq ceramic coating ( £205 ALL in , under the winter pro deal)

window tints to the rear sections ( 20% tint)

windscreen polish to remove scratches using specific glass compounds and pads

#gtechniq windscreen coating

Interior Detail

The results were stunning with yet another 5* review

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