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This weeks updates.... 2 stage correction on a tired VW tiguan...

This VW Tiguan came to the studio with numerous defects to the paintwork, namely - brillo pad damage to the bonnet and doors, oxidised paintwork to rear trunk lid, and generally paint wise, one of the worst ive seen come through the doors for such a new vehicle. It must be noted that this one has over 120k miles on it. Im pleased to report by the time id finished the 2 stage correction and coated in kamikaze collection miyabi coating , the car was transformed beyond belief...The interior received a full detail with wet extraction for the seats and carpet leaving it looking as new. In-fact the owners were so happy i was presented with the most wonderful gift i've received for a long time! i cant quite explain the number of happy voice-mails received from this cars owners, checkout the pics, sadly they really dont it justice. This car easily achieved a 90% correction.


FULL 5 STAGE - Decontamination starting.

The vehicle was then moved into the work studio and the correction work begins.

Wonderful gloss hiding beneath all the damage now finally revealed.

Finally, the car was coated with world class #kamikaze collection UK Miyabi coating with 9H hardness rating, a truely wonderful product to use and even more so, Stunning results!

Customer collection!



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