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Top Wrapz recommends *Junky Munky Ltd!*

We are Proud to recommend #junkymunky clothing line..... Junky munky is a clothing label with more about it that most, not only are the clothes COOL and Quality items, They represent and proudly invite conversation about mental health , mental health awareness and YOUR STORY!! Junky Munky Will be working closely with #TOPWRAPZ  to offer some cool gifts for our regular customers with a really nice meaning behind it! So do you have a story to share, about your journey ?? If so...head over to and share with the world and make a difference.... I personally have never suffered from mental health issues, but a few close members of my family do, more recently my 7 year old son. We will be sharing our story! Outside of mental health junky has sportswear to everyday clothing, Check out ours above in a cool pic with our 550 + Horse power JUNKY!!! 

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