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Vinyl Wrapping, the Pros and Cons.

I often get asked about the pros and cons of wrapping, so Lets discuss that alittle further.

Pros -

  1. Vinyl will protect the paint underneath from UV damage.

  2. You will gain a NEW car feel with gleaming bright colourful exterior.

  3. Cheap to install compared to repaint.

  4. Cheap to replace on a panel basis if you have some damage inflicted.

  5. Vinyl Can cover small paint defects.

  6. Wild and amazing colour choices including CHROME!!

  7. Vinyl can create amazing contrasting , bold and distinctive designs.

  8. Now used WIDELY from automotive manufacturers to up-sell current stock or actually order able options for special models e.g Ford focus rs500 was wrapped from factory in 3M satin black.

  9. Non permanent changes leading to value of vehicle/item being maintained.

  10. Relative ease to remove if the correct manufacturer install process is followed.

  11. If looked after vinyl wrap can be long lasting, 4-5+ years is possible.

  12. Eye catching advertising potential for business is massive.

  13. High end vinyl has a specific adhesive that should leave little to no trace on removal.

Cons -

  1. LOTS of cheap Vinyl on the market which gives the sector a bad name.

  2. Poor install will significantly reduce life of vinyl wrap.

  3. Vinyl material is NOT paint and should never be treated as such, wrapping the shuts and inner doors is absolute madness, this leads to high removal costs and the cars quality can be compromised, for example removing doors, these are often done at the factory via machines and lasers, If a car door is removed to wrap inner sections it will most likely not go back perfectly like from factory, it may not be noticeable but it won't go back exactly the same. Vinyl should only be used to colour change the outside surfaces using techniques to remove as little hardware as possible.

  4. Vinyl wrap can pull off the clear coat of the paintwork , in many circumstances it won't, but i have seen in some cases where the clear coat of the paint has been compromised. Usually on areas where their has been a repaint/repair.

  5. Vinyl can be very difficult to install, some cars with certain curves and shapes are so difficult to get right often leading to failures.

  6. Selling a car with an aftermarket vinyl wrap will often reduce its desirability and lead to questions being asked about the condition of the paintwork underneath, in most cases to realise the full value the car will need the wrap removed. **This is subjective and our opinion based on a 12+ years of buying, selling and enjoying high end vehicles**

  7. Confusion on whether you should notify DVLA of a colour change.... Some companies say you don't need to as its a non permanent change, some advise to notify the DVLA.

  8. Insurance premium will most likely rise.

So thats some of the pros and cons of vinyl. We are certified to install and remove wrap and ppf material, and we are always learning. Vinyl is a fantastic option , leading to amazing changes for a relatively cheap price point considering the impact made and compared to paint. The key is transparency with the customer, managing expectations and working closely with the customer to create something amazing! We believe high quality tooling, materials and constantly developing techniques is essential to any high quality wrapping company. Still to this day when we are not wrapping we are practising new methods, swapping ideas with other installers across the world and learning from our mistakes. We are proud to be closely affiliated with HEXIS who we believe are market leaders and genuinely interested in their customers.If you have anything to add or wish to make a comment please sign up and lets #talk.

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