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We are officially Kamikaze collection #certified #detailers , We join the elite network!

What a proud moment for such a new company. What does this mean? Put simply we were selected and given the go ahead to become certified by this elite detailing japanese brand. We had to meet certain criteria, have a portfolio of work, a studio up to a certain standard thats suitable to install these very specific chemicals and of course conduct ourselves in a manner thats professional and customer focused. The list of reasons you CANT get certified is as long as your arm!! We now have further developed links with Kai ( owner of kamikaze ) AND ultimate finish. We proudly offer these coatings as our flagship offering. We had the pleasure of using all the collection, testing, and just generally getting to grips with the products! With most of the products available for the general consumer , we have further access to the pro line only products ISM pro, Zipang Gold class and EnRei. So whats my overall impression..... Firstly the ease of use, much much easier to apply overall with a very "strict' application process thats clinical in its approach. The humidity and temp in the studio "must" be within spec for me to get the results i require. The products don't have a strong smell and are environmentally friendly. Most of all the performance of the products were mind blowing! Gloss levels that looks like wet paint, extremely durable coatings with real and constant development. Below is some further info taken from kamikaze collection Re the products. If you'd like to book your detail sealed in with these elite level coatings, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are currently the ONLY birmingham based kamikaze detailer!

Founded in 2013 by avid detailer, Kai Morita, Kamikaze Collection is an innovative range of high-end boutique car care products combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know how. Employing a ‘kaizen’ approach, Kamikaze Collection seeks to continuously improve car care solutions to deliver the best car care products available.

Conscious of the hype surrounding ceramic coatings, Kamikaze Collection is careful not to make ‘false claims’. Drawing on a decade of experience within Japan’s domestic product development network, Kamikaze Collection has relationships with forward-thinking, technologically advanced partners to produce a range that is truly revolutionary. All products are manufactured in Japan with a focus on providing ‘anti-aging’ solutions for ceramic coatings. The ground-breaking research and development has resulted in products such as Artificial Clearcoat, a coating specifically designed to protect the softest paint finishes.

Believing that the performance of a coating goes beyond the level of formulation Kamikaze Collection has invested in testing application methods to ensure coatings have the potential to perform to their maximum. Kamikaze Collection’s flagship ENREI Coat is a two-step system that fully embraces the art of application in the performance of the coating and as a result, along with ZIPANG are available only as a service through trained certified detailers.

Miyabi coat - Brilliant Shine & Long-Lasting Protection. 8-9H Hardness

In the Japanese language, the word "Miyabe" represents an aesthetic ideal of elegance and refinement, and this ceramic coating certainly provides that!

Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat contains smaller molecules than the average glass coat sealant, making it is less prone to water spotting. The high silica dioxide content provides durable protection and an amazingly clear, brilliant shine to any colour paintwork.

Infinity Wax - The Ultimate Hybrid Performance Wax.

If you love the gloss that only traditional carnauba waxes can provide, but need the durability of a ceramic coating, then Infinity Wax is the perfect solution.

A blend of high-quality carnauba and ceramic coating, Infinity Wax delivers a high gloss durable shine. In tests, washing up liquid, neat degreasers and a pH11 alkaline failed to remove this hybrid coating!

Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers high-gloss, carnauba shine

  • Produces colour clarity & durability of a ceramic coating

  • Highly hydrophobic

  • Use Over Coat on top for additional gloss & hydrophobicity

  • Use after MIYABI or ISM Coat for stunning gloss & unbeatable durability

ISM PRO hydrocarbon coating - Revolutionary Performance, Professional-Only Nano Sealant.

Using newly developed technologies ISM PRO combines high quality, German-sourced elements with Kamikaze Collections ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbon ingredients to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. The ingredients are optically clear, so the result is a stunning, superior shine surpassed only by ENREI Coat & ZIPANG GOLD CLASS.

ZIPANG - The Golden Pinnacle Of Nano Coats.

Zipang Coat is available to purchase by Kamikaze Collection trained detailers only. Any orders received from non-certified individuals will be cancelled and refunded.

Translated from Japanese, the word 'zipang' means golden and the choice of name refers to Marco Polo's original description of Japan as 'The Land of Gold'. Vehicles coated with Zipang Coat will enjoy a gold-class level of gloss surpassed only by Kamikaze Collection's flagship product, ENREI Coat.

Zipang Coat has evolved from the technology employed by ISM PRO. Like ISM PRO, Zipang Coat combines high quality, ingredients with Kamikaze Collection's ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. However, extensive research and development has enriched these ingredients to increase their performance and enhance their reflective potential. Furthermore, Zipang Coat has a self-levelling function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork swirl-free for longer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly hydrophobic - dirt, oils & grime are repelled

  • Self-healing properties help keep paintwork 'as new' for longer

  • Sunshine or warm water will activate self-levelling (semi self-healing)

  • Produces an optically clear, candy-gloss shine

  • Durability of 2-3 years

  • Can be used on both painted surfaces and plastic trim

  • Designed, developed, and intended for professional-use only*

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