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What exactly is a maintenance wash+full decon? Lets discuss the process, what it does and WHY?

What is a maintenance wash ? why cant a normal valet wash offer the same ? what is a decontamination ? Why is this all so complicated??

SO many questions but its really not rocket science... We need to basically apply a "sacrificial" layer. Thats why we coat the paint with different coatings to keep the clear coat as free as possible from damage. When the clear coat becomes damaged, thats when you see your car looking dull, faded, swirled, marred , paint holograms and clear coat etchings from bird poop and other acids! A valet is simply to clean the vehicle, a valet is not removing any contaminations in depth, the disciplines of detailing and valet are completely different. The maintenance wash is very much a #detailing practice and actually the foundation for a correction process!

A maintenance wash & FULL decontamination of the paint work is using PH neutral products, we are gently removing road grime, imbedded grime and dirt, imbedded brake lining particles, imbedded metals in general ( in todays world you won't believe how much imbedded metals paint work carries if not regularly decontaminated) , acids, ANYTHING basically that contaminates the paint. We use a 5 stage method thats very labour intensive but when we get to the clay bar stage its so effective, the clay usually picks up very little a true indicator as to whether your decontamination is #working. Look at the picture above, our shop car is a daily driven machine and this is how much contaminants the clay is picking up, our 5 stage decontamination is clearly working properly!!. Without the decontamination stage this would be literally black... Once the paint has been fully rid of all these paint nasties that lurk we can move onto the sealant stage! The paintwork is now in its purest state so from this point you can move onto a full paint correction ( if in for a detail) or in the case of a maintenance wash, add a coating that helps protects it from all those nasties sticking to the paint again!

The final coating stage can be a wax, or some sort of coating to protect the clear coat, which will give you a decent 3+ months of protection. Visually you'll see the water run off in a very strange fashion, no water pooling , its very noticeable!

If you've had a car detailed and get a regular M-W + decon will keep that detailed finish and wax coating / ceramic coating for much longer!! The car will be much easier to keep clean, protecting from all the things we are trying to keep from adhering to the paint! Top wrapz ltd is one of #birminghams #leading #detailers and our goal is #affordable #excellence! The maintenance wash is essential for keep a detailed car looking amazing, its also perfect for keeping a car from degrading from its current state if its NOT detailed! Perfect for the all year round cost effective maintenance for your paint finish!

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