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Winter protection *phase3* with its machine wax getting great results!

The results speak for themselves , this customers wonderful audi s5 v8 came in for our flagship of the winter protection programme, a FULL 5 stage decontamination , then the car is machine polished using an all in one products that gives a tiny amount of cut, polish's and lays down a t1 grade carnauba. This won't offer defect removal like our full detail packs but it will leave the car super glossy and the polish actually has a filler to hide small defects. The car is then sealed off with the awesome gtechniq c2 liquid crystal, The results are phenomenal for the £160 price point! The car is now fully decontaminated and ready to repel all the winter can throw at it! The customer was absolutely over the moon with the how the car was presented back to him!

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